West Wind Homeowners Association is a voluntary organization whose goals are to Protect, Preserve and Enhance the West Wind community.
West Wind has invested in a community-based email system that enables timely messaging to the entire West Wind neighborhood.  This system has been used to notify members of West Wind burglaries, community social events, and meetings.
The appearance of our three entranceway signs is a visual representation and first impression of our community. Taking pride in our signs reflects how we as a community, value the preservation of our neighborhood and homes.  Preserving the appearance of these signs may have a direct impact on your real estate property values!
Building a strong sense of community is at the core of the HOA's existence.  Social events are used to strengthen relationships with neighbors.  Building a strong community not only directly impacts neighborhood safety, but enhances the quality of life for all residents. 
We are a voluntary homeowners association.  You do not have to join, but only current members are able to participate in the neighborhood events.  And note that by not joining, you are relying on your neighbors to pay your fair share for the maintenance of our three beautiful entranceways. 
So please join your neighbors in supporting our wonderful neighborhood.  It is truly a small amount that does a great deal to enrich our neighborhood and protect your most important investment in your home.  Let's make West Wind the best place to reside in Naperville!
Our annual membership drives begin March 1st!  The membership dues in are $50 per household and include the landscaping and upkeep of the 3 entrance signs as well as helping to pay for the many family friendly and neighborhood events that are held throughout the year.  We are asking all members to help spread the word on the HOA.  There are many new families that have moved into the neighborhood that  could be unaware of the HOA and what we do for the neighborhood.   
Currently less than 50% of the households in West Wind are members of the HOA and we really need to increase the membership to be able to fund the entrance signs and social events.  The largest expense of the HOA is the landscaping and upkeep of the 3 Entrance Signs including the flagpole, lighting and holiday decorations around the signs.  HOA funds help to keep and update the West Wind website and fund all of the social events in the neighborhood.
Click here to pay your membership dues.